MI MANANA is an organisation made up of friends, groups and individuals committed to supporting the children of Posorja, Ecuador by donating money on a monthly basis (project sponsorship or child sponsorship). Please support MI MANANA.

Donations to MI MANANA enable children to attend school regularly and provide teaching materials, healthy basic nutrition and medical treatment for them.

MI MANANA helps children in need. These children live in desperate poverty and have an uncertain future.

Child Sponsorship

Latest News

The Annual General Meeting took place in the parish house, Wacholderweg 12, Adendorf.

1.    Welcome address and approval of the agenda from 17.1.2010
2.    Approval of the minutes from 17.1.2010
3.    Report from the Board of Directors
4.    Auditor´s report and approval of the Board of Directors

The concert will take place on 24th February from 6-10 pm in the “Alter Reithalle” in Soltau. Once again donations for the children in Ecuador will be collected.


Anita von Buchwald-Gabbert, Chairwoman of Mi Manana has some new pictures from Posorja:

A group of school children

Private Primary School for Girls and Boys No. 13

" Mi Mañana"

The head teacher and teachers have the honour of inviting you to the Graduation Ceremony 2010-2011 and to celebrate the first 7th year school leavers.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday 29th January at 9 am in the kindergarten assembly hall.

We look forward to seeing you.

January 2011 Guayaquil/Posorja
According to tradition pupils swear allegiance to the Ecuadorian flag. The following photos show pupils from our school doing this.

In the special edition  “Einheitsgemeinde Adendorf” from 30th July 2010 there was an article about Mi Manana.

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182 pupils, their teachers and the teachers´ children were invited by the Fundacion Sociedad Femenina de Cultura to watch a performance of “Enchanted Christmas” at the Theater de la Sociedad Femenina de Guayaquil. The tickets were donated.