The Annual General Meeting took place in the parish house, Wacholderweg 12, Adendorf.

1.    Welcome address and approval of the agenda from 17.1.2010
2.    Approval of the minutes from 17.1.2010
3.    Report from the Board of Directors
4.    Auditor´s report and approval of the Board of Directors

5.    Amendment to the statutes §8: Extended to: all directors have executive powers
6.    Report by Mrs von Buchwald-Gabbert and Mr Pätz about Posorja
-    Report about the graduation ceremony
-    Report about the children, teachers and other employees
-    Status of the building projects
7.    Miscellaneous
-    Schedule for 2011
-    Status of  the university project in Germany
-    Fundraising
8.    Account by Mr Neumann of his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (money raised was donated to Mi Manana)

The complete report can be seen here.