Project sponsorships are vital.
Mi Mañana depends on project sponsorships because these secure the immediate infrastructure of the children.

What is a project sponsorship?
Money received from project sponsorships is used for the day to day running costs of the school and kindergarten as well as for the improvement and maintenance of the school buildings.

Examples of how this money is used:
1. Medical Care
A doctor makes regular unpaid visits to the Friendship House in Posorja and examines the children. Any resulting medical treatment is funded by project sponsorships.
2. Drinking Water
Posorja is still not completely connected to the main water supply but project sponsorships have enabled us to make clean drinking water available at the Friendship House.
3. The Friendship House
The Friendship House now includes a kindergarten and a school. Any necessary repairs to the buildings, measures to improve hygiene as well as the installation of outside toilets are funded using money from project sponsorships.
4. Teachers and other members of staff
Qualified teachers, psychologists, a secretary as well as a cook and a caretaker have all become involved with Mi Mañana. Many have given up their jobs to help.
Mi Mañana considers it its duty to pay these people at least the official minimum wage (at the moment 160$ a month). This cannot be done with money from grants alone.
5. Bits and pieces
Not everything can be got through donations. Things like soap, toilet paper, cleaning products and towels as well as teaching materials, school apparatus, computer repairs, printing and writing paper and school bus transportation are also necessary.

These funds are vital for the survival of Mi Mañana. They are used transparently and only for things that cannot be provided or done by our helpers. Project sponsorships ensure that the money from child sponsorships is used solely for the individual sponsored children.

You can help by making a donation here or by becoming a project sponsor here.