In 1994 Mrs Anita von Buchwald-Gabbert, who was born in Ecuador, and her husband, Wolfgang Gabbert, Head of the German Humboldt School in Guayaquil from 1960-1966, met the then pastor of Posorja. They saw the distress in this forgotten town and decided to create a relief organisation for the people there.

Ms Marion Lütge has been part of the project from the start. Together with the Gabbert family she is responsible for the coordination of work in Ecuador and Germany, donation management and she also liaises with other aid organisations.

Hanne Pries is our representative in Ecuador. She is responsible for the distribution of the money there and she works closely with the women in Posorja who work as volunteers for Mi Mañana.

Mi Mañana was created by families, couples, individuals and groups who committed themselves to helping the children of Posorja by making monthly donations. The project began on 1.11.1995.