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Streets and Houses in Posorja

These photos show the streets and houses in Posorja. Rain showers cause huge puddles to form and some streets are then impassable. A lot of houses are really just shacks made of bits of wood. Those that can afford it build their houses using wooden planks, but very few people can afford to use bricks.

Families with their houses

These photos show the interiors of some houses. Large families live in small houses. These houses have very few rooms and one room is often used as a living room and bedroom by all members of the family. The furnishings are often very simple. There is no running water but some houses have electricity and electric lights.

The school and its pupils

These photos show the children in their classrooms and in the playground. There are approximately 25 children in a class and they decorate their classrooms with their pictures and paintings. In addition, you can see the children washing their hands. The last picture shows the school bus.