The project Mi Mañana began in 1995 and families, couples, individuals and groups in Germany have been sponsoring the children of Posorja since then.

A good education is the only way to escape hardship. Receiving an education not only means learning to read and write but is also an opportunity to reinforce an individual´s sense of self-worth. This is especially important for the girls to ensure that they have a chance to remain independent.

This project gives those children a chance to receive an education who otherwise would not be able to.

German sponsors now support 85 children in need by paying 25 Euros a month. In 2009 10 more children will be sponsored. In addition an annual membership fee of 16 Euros per person or 25 Euros per family is paid.

You can help us too!

We are still looking for sponsors. Please get in touch.

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School books, teaching materials as well as school fees and school uniforms are paid for by the sponsors. In addition the children are guaranteed medical care.

These children live in abject poverty. They are often ill due to a lack of healthy food, clean drinking water and medical care. Without help these children would probably end up on the streets leading a life of crime, drugs and prostitution.

What our sponsors have to say

I was told about Mi Mañana by my Spanish teacher and in 1996 I started sponsoring a child in Posorja. The many letters that I have received have given me an insight into the problems faced by the people there.

Last year I travelled to Ecuador for the opening of the Friendship House and I had the opportunity to actually take my sponsored child in my arms. I also met the child´s family. I was especially impressed at how happy and satisfied the children and parents were despite living in very poor conditions. They are very grateful for the help and support they receive from Germany.

With our help the children now have the opportunity to receive a good education and have a better future. I am very happy that even the small amount that I contribute is making these children´s lives better. The child that I sponsor is called Ketty. She works very hard and now attends the Collegio (secondary school) in Posorja.

Annemarie Döhring, Lüneburg

Letter from the Baidal Baquerizo family

Posorja 28.02.09

For the best family……in Lüneburg.
Kind regards from Mrs. Baidal Baquerizo. We hope you are as well as we are. We received your letter on 21st February and we are very grateful for your gifts: the money, the letters and the present for our daughter Naydelin. She loved it.

Please don´t worry about the postcards that you couldn´t get. The things that you sent were lovely because they came from you.

My mother is writing this letter but I am telling her what to say. Once I have learnt to write at school I promise I will write to you myself.

I am enclosing a photo of me receiving a sports award at school. I also received a second award for doing well in my other school subjects.

We are on holiday at the moment and we have visited my grandmother. She lives in Libertad (3 hours from Posorja). My father then took us to the beach at Carneval for three days. It is very hot here in Posorja, but my mother used some of your money to buy us a paddling pool and now we can play in it in the garden. It is really big. It can hold 3 canisters of water and we can all get in it and then we don´t notice the heat as much. My little brother swims like a little frog.

It is now raining a lot in Ecuador and the ground is green.

Kind regards and kisses for the twins and for Natascha and in particular for my sponsor…… I hope you like my drawing.

The snow in Germany must be pretty. We never have snow here.

With very fond regards from the Baidal Baquerizo family.

Letter from Azalia

Posorja, 25th March 2009

Dear Sponsors,

I hope you are well.

My family and I are well and I am happy to know that I can depend on you so that I can continue going to school.

You will probably be sponsoring a biologist soon. I know that I said in my previous letters that I wanted to become a journalist but I have changed my mind and I think that I will have better job prospects as a biologist.

I am very happy at the moment because my school grades have improved. With God´s and your help I will make more progress.

God bless you and your family. With lots of kisses from Ecuador


P.S. I sincerely wish you all the best and I hope to meet you one day.

Letter from Jeidy Carranza

The first letter from Jeidy Carranza to her sponsor family

Posorja, April 2009

Dear Mrs……

Kind regards from Ecuador. I hope that you are well.

Thank you for wanting to sponsor our child and enabling her to go to Mi Mañana. This would not be possible without your support. I will do everything in my power to ensure that she works hard and gets good grades.

Once again thank you for your help.

Jeidy Carranza´s mother, on her behalf

Letter from Olga Rambay

The first letter from Keyla Chamaidan to her sponsor family

Posorja, April 2009

Ola, I am the mother of Keyla, the child you are sponsoring.

First of all I would like to thank you for your willingness to help our daughter through school.

We, my husband and I, are very grateful for your support. I would like to tell you that our daughter is very excited to have sponsors who live so far away and you are now a part of our family.

My husband does not have regular work but he tries his best so that we can get by. We are now very happy because we know that our daughter will be able to receive a proper education.

We have neither riches nor property and we do not have a business that we can give to our daughter. But values such as honesty, charity and love have always been the most important ones in our house.

Your help and generosity will enable our daughter a future which we would not be able to give her.

Thank you once again. May God bless you and enrich your life.


Olga Rambay