Catholic parishes in Goslar are supporting the project “Clean drinking water“.
Posorja has only been connected to the main water supply since the autumn of 2009. (But there is no water flowing through the pipes!) Water is a question of money.

However, the poor inhabitants of Posorja cannot pay for the water to be connected or the monthly water bills. They are still buying water, which is not always clean, in buckets from a water tank truck. The water is then kept in barrels in front of the houses. Heat and bacteria cause the quality of the water to deteriorate even more. The barrels make great breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This affects the children the most. As a result infectious diseases, amoebic colitis, diarrhoea and sometimes even cholera are rampant.

Mi Mañana has decided to help expedite the supply of clean water to the people of Posorja.

In our Friendship House we attach particular importance to making drinking water available and a cistern now supplies the house with clean water. In June 2001 the Friendship House with its in-house water supply was opened.